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Cabinet, Vienna


Austria ca. 1900


glass, wood


W 136.6 D 33.1 H 131.1 "


Amazing hugh cabinet of the early 20th century. This piece was standing in a Viennese private school which was founded in 1897. Focus of this school was European education. The students came mainly from all parts of the Danube Monarchy. The cabinet is one of severals. More and less with the similar dimension. Herbal, biology supplements, globes aso. were exhibited in this glass vitrine.
The frame is completely disassembled so you can deliver it rather easily. The frame is made of glazed softwood. Due to the age and the weight of the doors it is not easy to close them totally. But it should be no problem with a little bit pressure.
The lower part has 12 drawer, 4 pieces in one row.


Kollegium Kalksburg


11,500 € including margin scheme VAT

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