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Tea Pot, Carl Auböck


Carl Auböck II, Austria 1930's


Werkstaette Carl Aubock


Copper, brass, cord


W 9.8 D 7.9 H 9.1 "


This jug by Carl Auböck II was designed in the 1930s. It is signed on the bottom with the name of the pot maker "Redl" and "handmade" and "Made in Austria". This model is also part of the Carl Auböck archive in Vienna.
The tea pot is made of hammered copper and brass, it was probably once not very professionally re-soldered. The condition is very good apart from the soldered joints. No dents. The jug is also tight and does not drip. The wrapping of the handle is made of cord and in original condition.

The dimensions are approximate. The height was measured with the handle upright.


A very similar jug was sold at auction at Wright Literature: Wright Catalogue 13. October 2016, page 3


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