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Fondue Set, Carl Auböck


Carl Auböck, Austria 1960


Werkstaette Carl Aubock


D 846.5 H 866.1 "


Carl Aubock desigend this Fondue-Set in the 1960. Included is the original box made of paper. The contents of the packaging are described on the lid in 4 languages:
Fondue-Set in six parts: fondue-pot, stainless, 2 pints :: cover for the fondue-pot :: spirit-burner :: cover for the spirit-burner :: trivet :: wooden stand :: Amboss Austria
4 Recipes decorate the box, too. The set is signed on the pot. The similar modell is on display at the Vienna Furniture Museum from Autumn 2022 to Spring 2023.
The dimension of the box is added at the description above, not the fondue-set itself.
As is so often the case, Auböck plays with the combination of different materials: steel, walnut, Pagwood


450 € including margin scheme VAT


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